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Straight.Pro is a postproduction studio where your audio and visual assets take on their final form. We have a wide range of professionals, technology and equipment to tackle even the most challenging tasks.

Our studios are stacked with cutting-edge equipment and designed for comfortable work. A supply and exhaust ventilation system with temperature control in each studio makes it easier to work behind the double doors for extended periods of time (especially if you remember how hot and humid the old recording studios used to get in summertime). In other words, it’s nice at our studios at any time of the year!

our approach

∙ make the most out of source assets and the given circumstances
∙ use an imaginative and creative approach
∙ meet tight deadlines
∙ provide the break-down of costs
∙ explain the work process and answer the client’s questions









Licensing Brands



professional localization in any language pairs

• dialogs
• onscreen text
• subtitles
• combined dialogue and spotting lists, screenplays
• dialog editing for dubbing
• adaptation of verse

sound recording and editing

ADR or dubbing of movies, TV series, video-games and commercials

∙ voice talent casting
• dialog recording
• dialog editing and synchronizing
• recording vocals (solo or choir)
• vocals editing and tuning
• foley recording and editing
• sound design
• remote recording of actors via our in-house softwareStraightPro-ADR

video editing

from uploading assets to preparing the project for color grading and mastering

∙ documentaries
∙ feature films
∙ short films
∙ commercials

mixing (re-recording)

combining the separate tracks, adjusting their relative levels, compressing and equalizing individual tracks, groups of tracks, and the overall mix

∙ mono
∙ stereo 2.0
∙ 5.1
∙ 7.1


computer graphics

∙ onscreen text design
∙ animation (2D, 3D)
∙ onscreen text localization (2D, 3D)
∙ motion posters


text that reproduces or supplements the dialogs

∙ localization of subtitles
• subtitle spotting
• subtitle lists (in .srt, .xml, .doc, .stl and other formats)
• combined dialogue and spotting list


Digital Cinema Package - the standard delivery format for movie theatres

∙ DCP mastering (2D, 3D, encrypted or unencrypted)
• encryption of an existing DCP (creating a protected copy)
• generating KDM files
• audio track replacement (remastering)
• adding subtitles (remastering)


tailoring a file (or a digital storage device with audio and video recordings) to specific requirements

∙ audio and video converting to specific technical requirements
∙ quality control checks for video and audio to meet specific technical requirements
∙ preparing a master copy for archiving



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While we try to stay in touch 24/7, please give us a call before visiting the studio, or drop by between11:00 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. on weekdays.